Tracee’s Christmas Message: Let Your Chronic Love Reign!

It began with a vision I had yesterday. Good ole St. Nick was going to visit my house and I was going to tell people about it. Hilarious, I thought. This must be a metaphor for something…or certainly Santa Claus was going to make a visit in my dream not in real life. What would he have to tell me? All very interesting consideration as I made my Christmas Chili, intermingled with thoughts of, that’s not going to happen

Shortly after the dog finished my holiday nog, I fell fast asleep. Only to wake up to the sound of jingling bells and the faint sound of the doorbell. I woke up in a haze, and stood in front of the door—motionless. I could see a large figure wearing red, standing in front of the stained glass window. Feeling a little confused and nervous, I just stood there. Finally, I heard a big, Ho Ho Ho, some giggles and a few footsteps walking away from the door. Shaking my head, It must have been carolers, I went back to bed.

I’d forgotten all about it, awakening with no dream or Christmas message. It wasn’t until I opened the front door to a gift from Santa Claus—and the Jr. League…
Now, that forced a loud laugh from me. It was an unwrapped Dungeons & Dragons starter kit and a nice note. Could my vision have come true? Seriously? In the real world?

Frankly, I was used to dreams and visions that were messages of metaphor, guidance from the great beyond. But a Dungeons & Dragons starter kit, what could this mean?

The Message:

Seeing things as they are is the gift that comes from seeing them as you wish them to be.

All of my years as a spiritualist, ninety percent of the messages that have come have been illusions intending to reveal the meaning of imprints carried in the spirit. The clues given to us at birth, connecting with the ones we come upon as thoughts, ideas, feelings, experiences, and events in our lives. Rarely, have the visions been prophetic of real world occurrences. I then considered the flow of the spiritual process and how we don’t first see things as they are, we see them as we wish them to be—from the lenses of our internal images that create our experiences—good, bad, or indifferent.

The journey of how you perceive your world, through all the mountains and valleys (the who’s, what’s, why’s, and how’s of your life on all levels), arriving at your physical reality and being able to see it as it is with an open heart—is the purpose and the reward. Everything is—truly as it should be.

Even when we’re poor or prosperous, angry or joyful, happy or filled with grief—all the temporal mountains and valleys exercising our hearts into a state of chronic openness and love. Today, let the season begin your season of chronic love.

10,000 Blessings to you,