5 Ways to Be A Soul Mate

The truth is that we have many soul mates in a life time. They are people with whom we have previous life experience and spiritual connection. Re-connecting with them is an experience unlike any other. Sometimes it’s an instant emotional reaction when you meet someone—and others, it’s a subtle knowing or familiarity with a person even though you’ve never met.
Soul mates aren’t always fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, live happily ever after experiences for everyone. Most of the time the connection brings two people together to heal a dynamic left incomplete. Not necessarily incomplete between the people coming together— but the attraction of two people with intersecting life patterns.

The spiritual partners we attract, come when we’re ready to transform or develop the spiritual patterns we have in common with them.

Everyone has a soul group. They are the folks—we have connection and affinity—who may appear in our lives just in time to offer support, a lesson, or love us unconditionally. They are the souls who share our eternity.
The several ways we experience soul mate relationships all have one commonality. It takes cultivated unconditional love to be a soul mate. So, no matter the nature of the relationship, meeting a soul mate deserves your attention, respect, and honor. Here are five ways to be a soulmate.
You Can be an Ally: Allies are people we cross paths with, who can stand with us giving loving support and guidance. We may or may not have a lasting relationship, but the connection with them is sturdy. Living in a big city it’s easy to spot your allies, they show up with a word of encouragement and sometimes come out of nowhere. You can be an ally by speaking well of someone, especially when they’re not in your presence.
You Can be a Lover: Lovers are the men and women that come into our lives to give us love and encouragement for a time. We attract lovers that give us emotional nourishment even if we inevitably outgrow the source. The attraction we have with a karmic lover can be intense and usually is evidence of the healing on its way to us through this powerful soul mate relationship.
You Can be an Enemy: Enemies are the karmic relationships that are profoundly vital to our education and learning of the boundaries of the human spirit. They are the soul mates that come into our lives to show us adversity and compassion. Sometimes, we like these people at first, but something doesn’t feel right. Our enemies offer an opportunity to trust our instincts. They don’t appear to have our best interest at heart and require us to, at times, be self-sufficient. In truth: Our enemies show us who we are and who we choose to be.
You Can be Family: Beloveds are the husbands and wives we choose and the families we are born to. These soul mate relationships can be our biggest teachers. Everybody contends with expectations in a relationship but it’s a unique experience to transcend the unconscious expectations of a karmic beloved. Coming together with another based on all the love that was present in the previous life, but not necessarily the way it is now. The intense connection and deep seeded love we share with our beloveds are based in the requirement of a long-term relationship to unveil and express the teaching or healing over time.
You Can be Friends: The good friends we make over a lifetime are often people from our soul group with whom we experience comfort, love, and trust enough to sustain enduring relationships. They’re the ones we can work through conflict and transcend adversity. They are the soul mates who teach us unconditional love, communication—inspire and require us to be better. I’ve had many friendships over my lifetime and the theme they’ve had in common is laughter. It seems to be the ultimate antidote to any confusion, conflict, or disappointment.
The goal of a soul mate relationship is learning to cultivate love on every level. Love unconditional, love with boundaries, and ultimately unshakable love for ourselves. Next time you cross paths with a soul mate—jump in with confidence knowing the greatest outcome is illumination.