You Are Your Keeper

“May Cause Heart Attack and or Death”

This is one of the many disclaimers in a pharmaceutical commercial for a substance we call medicine. Insert OMG here. While I understand that nothing and no one is perfect or fool proof, at what point in our history did we just give the power of our self care over to the medical profession? Was it about the same time that we started thinking that our spirituality was something to practice on weekends? With all of this hullibalew about health care and who is going to pay, i think it is pretty obvious that we ALL pay in some way because somewhere along the very long line from shamanism to organized religion we lost the holistic concept that our body’s health is dependent on the health of the spirit and adopted the belief that it was someone else’s responsibility to take care of it.

Shaman’s Protocol

Shamanic healing recognizes that when some sort of emotional or physical trauma has taken place at any time in life that is not reconciled, it can become a foundation for disease to thrive, even to the point of changing the DNA. Also, it is accepted that we are multi leveled spiritual beings and often times illness can happen as a result of spiritual intrusion on some level. The cure is a spiritual one; a Shamanic journey to the origin of the intrusion, trauma, or imbalance, to reclaim the personal power that was lost and to release and transform any interloper that may be present. The journey is made by the Shaman on behalf of the suffering one in concert with their spirit guides.

Proof of Light

Today is definitely the coolest day to be alive. Finally, there is research that shows that our energy and emotion changes us on a cellular level and can even change our DNA. We also know that through the study of Epigenetics, “Epigenetics is the study of epigenomes, certain chemicals and switches that instruct the genes…something tells certain genes to kill cancers-or not, that “something” just might be the epigenomes…” (1) Some of the research cited in the book tells us that our environment, in fact, continues to nurture or affect our epigenomes and change the DNA; and that very DNA can be passed down to other generations, hence, the sins of the father… Gregg Braden also preformed a very exciting experiment where they took two samples of the same DNA and separated them, caused changes to one part of the DNA but saw the result on both. Obviously, this is only part of the story, but it’s the gist and Whew…it gives me chills. Finally, there is now proof of light in and around our body and the integral relationship of our spirit to our body through light. The scientific acknowledgement of the light body that surrounds the physical body (aura) and its impact not only on our bio rhythms, but also our cell generation, and that DNA is actually a storage unit for light. It just makes me light up in green!

What The Hell Does All This Mean?

What all of this means is that you have control over your life and your body. The way you think, feel, and treat yourself can activate or disengage ALL of your possibilities. Definitely I am living proof of such truths. Coming from a family of crazy people and cancer havers…well let’s just say things could have been pretty disappointing for me. I’ve turned my crazy into a business and we are still zero on the cancer front. I am not going to lie, at times it has all been a real struggle and most certainly I am very proficient at suffering. I have now made my emotions my friend and know that truly I am alive because I give them freedom. Getting massages frequently, monitoring everything I eat, being vigilantly aware of my body’s signals, disciplined with my supplements, and my thoughts and beliefs are all the ways that I seek and find balance for my mind, body, and spirit. Yes, it is a lot of work…but really…what else is there to do?

Light Prayer

Mother Father God I am grateful for your light in every cell of my body. I know that it makes me who I am today. I am willing to release my old ideas about myself and in return you will fill all of those blank spaces with more of your light. I now call on (your favorite color) light to fill my mind, body, and spirit on all levels. Thank you.

Some Books You Might Enjoy

(1) The Subtle Body-an encyclopedia of your energetic anatomy, by Cyndi Dale

(2) Dynamic Energetic Healing- Integrating Core Shamanic Practices with Energy Psychology Applications and Process Work Principles, by Howard Brocksman, LCSW

(3) Buddha’s Brain- the practical neuroscience of happiness, love, and wisdom, by Rick Hanson, PH.D with Richard Mendius, MD

Go here for a list of books by Gregg Braden,

Winner or Weiner

Sick and Tired

I am really sick and tired about people making these moral judgments about politicians. If a guy wants to send a dic pic every now and again, really, what is the problem? I mean if the best way he knows how to handle his personal relationship with his wife is to share naked pictures of himself with other women, really, what’s the harm? They are consenting adults and that’s just how they roll, right? What does that have to do with politics? It is their personal life and it should remain personal. Is it really about moral judgment? Do we really not want our leaders to send pictures of naked body parts to various people or is it the lies, betrayal, and shame that they feel for themselves and their lack of self mastery. What if the press conference went like this…

Anthony and Huma Give Press Conference
: “Ya, I sent those photos. It’s something I do now and again when I feel stressed or when my wife says something mean. Or, just sometimes when I can’t sleep and I’m bored.”
Huma: “Ya, he can be a real prick sometimes. Whenever we get in a fight he sends naked pictures to other ladies and it makes him feel better. Idiot, ha-ha. Anyway, why are we talking about this? He’s running for Mayor. I thought that was why we were here…”

Acceptance Is the New Guilt
Can we accept our leaders in all of their proclivities if they are upfront and honest about them? If they felt no shame; would it then not become public business? I think that if we want a better society with honest leaders we must start with complete self acceptance. The fantasy that we are any different than the leaders that we vote into office, or that we can separate our personal from professional life is delusional; don’t get me wrong, we all have unique desires and values and certainly deal with our personal temptations differently, but we are whole people. So if we participate in guilt creating situations in our personal life, we will certainly create them in some way in our professional life. Likewise, if we are open, honest, and guiltless in our dealings then possibly our personal lives can remain personal.

Make the Point Already

If I haven’t been clear in my point, then let me do that now. The issue is not about what people like or dislike or what we feel is appropriate for our “leaders”. That is not for me to say and a completely different discussion all together. The issue is the shame we have about being human and the desire we have to hold others to a different standard then we hold ourselves. So, if you want to sext, and it’s in agreement with EVERYONE involved, you don’t have to lie or break the law to do it, then do it, and stop feeling guilty. Likewise, if you don’t want to…then definitely don’t. Either way, I don’t want to know.

Proud Like a Flower

Proud Like a Flower

I wish we could all be proud like a flower. I wonder if flowers think that they are superior to other flowers, if they feel insecure if the others are bigger or brighter in color. I wonder if the small and delicate ones get angry to be pushed out by the weeds. Do they feel sad and isolated or less then other flowers if they are not nurtured by a gardener? Is nature enough for them…to have the privilege of earth, water, and sun?

Or do they take what they can from the soil; and strive every day to feel the Sun? Do they grow to their own potential in the design that the Creator has laid out for them? In quiet comfort of all the other flowers around… and when they have bloomed to their fullest and it is time to give seeds and slowly wither as their season comes to an end.
Do they feel proud?

6 Strategies to Put the Function Back in Dysfunction for the Holiday

Right now it is a uniquely emotional time for all of us in some way. The holidays can have their own difficulties attached so when you’re going to your dysfunctional family gathering, seeing those long lost friends, or are maybe spending this year alone. Here are a few little spiritual tidbits to chew on for the season. Now, hold on to your boot straps and go forth!

What You Put In, Is What You Get Out

Remember that the energy and thoughts you put into the season is exactly what you will take away from it. If you’ve decided to host this year and secretly feel like you always give too much; this doesn’t bode well for you. Consider writing down a positive affirmation;

“Giving brings me joy, and I am thankful to be surrounded by people to receive”.

Self Pity-Not Good

If you find yourself alone this year or aren’t interested in any of the invitations you’ve received, DON’T give in to self-pity. Remember, these days are what you make of them. Take this opportunity to reflect on what really brings you joy. Make a list of 10 of them, and then choose one to make happen. One of my favorite things is a sacred ritual. Something that you do to show your commitment and discipline towards what you want. There is an old Guatemalan ritual for traveling more in the New Year. Take a suitcase and walk around your block on the first of January. The size of the suitcase and the length of the walk is said to determine how much you will travel. At the end of the walk I was laughing so hard I didn’t care where I went, and I certainly no longer felt stuck. Incidentally, I did travel more that year.

Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day

Consider that you won’t be able to undo a life time of ancestral conflict over just one turkey, so let yourself off the hook just for this month. Save your deeply honest comments for another time and focus on kindness. Sometimes the kindest thing you can do is just say hello.

A Little Honey Goes a Long Way

Sit down 24 hours before your family gathering and write out three nice things about everyone attending. Even if all you can come up with is, “Aunt Agatha’s bellowing voice deserves to be on Broadway.” Now of course if you’ve got 100 people coming, just do this for the people who render the highest irritation quotient for you every year.

Moderation: All it’s Cracked Up To Be

Everything in moderation is the name of the game. Nothing adds insult to emotional injury like over indulging in liquor and food. If you drink too much you’ll say something you mean, and eating too much always precipitates rudeness.

Always Another Day To Talk Politics

Everyone knows it’s best not to discuss politics and religion, while trying to make new friends or keeping the peace, but if you know that Uncle Ben just lost his favorite dog, please don’t bring it up at the dinner table. Take him for a spin around the block after dinner or catch him on his way to the bathroom, and offer him your condolences in a swift and gentle manner. If he decides he is comfortable with a full conversation, he’ll let you know.

Ace in Your Pocket

Now here is the Ace in the hole; this is what you keep in your pocket and refer to when the going at the family gathering gets rough. This is meant to be used in extreme cases only, and is definitely not one size fits all. If you are showing up to the same dinner every year that your father gets drunk and tells you what a disappointment you are, be prepared this year. Bring one item of irreverence. To keep in your pocket, hide in your purse, or even put in your shoe; to remind you that the power a person or situation has over you is the power you give it. In this case I might get a small rock and write a note to wrap around it that says, “Those who live in glass houses should not cast the first stone.”One year I put a slice of bologna in my shoe, to remind me that nothing is really as it seems.

Most of all, take deep breathes, keep your humor, and tell yourself you are loved, peaceful, powerful, and gosh darn it…people like you, because you are and somewhere someone does. Happy Holidays!

I Claim Forgiveness

Today, I claim forgiveness. I claim forgiveness for myself and my heart to all those who could not be who I wanted them to be. To those who have shown me anger and unkindness. To those who could not understand me or extend compassion. To those who have shown me malicious violent intent and action or indifference. To all those who could have no understanding of the impact of their actions. For this, I send them back their spirit with love and gratitude for having had the opportunity to know them in such an intimate way, for to see someone’s deepest vulnerability and fear is the path to their heart. I also claim forgiveness for anyone who may still be holding a piece of bitterness for the same from me. I ask for it to be surrendered immediately and the space in which it lived to be filled with gentleness, as it is our gentleness that transforms all things. In this forgiveness I embrace my own responsibility and empowerment to accept people as they are and to accept those parts of myself that cannot change. I own the power to change anything within me that does not allow for this acceptance. I understand that there can be no blame in forgiveness. I claim forgiveness.

Zechariah 3:9, “I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day.”


Photo by Faith Miller

Thank You For Not Being a Quitter

Why is it in our youth, our instinct is if it doesn’t work, cut it off or throw it away, rather than fix it. I remember my Grandfather’s old musty workshop that had the same tools and items he’d had for 40 years. If something stopped working, he would reinvent it or fix it, either way, its life would continue. It’s the same for marriage and relationships in our culture. If one wife doesn’t do what you want, get rid of her. If your husband loses his job, cut him loose. If a tribe in your country doesn’t have the same beliefs, slaughter them. Somehow, I think that those with this philosophy believe that it is one of God’s ordinances.

Being in a powerless state of mind is dangerous and untrue. We have the power or access to it at all times. My Grandfather had an old bath tub in the basement, and by old I mean iron. By the time he was in his early eighties, those basement stairs were getting a little hectic. By this time in his life, all of his kids were gone or moved away. I am not sure exactly what the neighbor situation was but he was on a mission to bring that old tub upstairs and install it and there was no help for him but the Almighty. Don’t you know he created some sort of a pulley system and dragged that big iron bastard upstairs and installed it all by himself…well him and the Almighty.

So is the problem that we have no vision? Or are we a society that has so much that we can afford to cast aside what we perceive we no longer need? The Appendix is a very unique organ. In doing a little research, I found it a little irritating that no one really knows what it is for. We know that it somehow gathers toxins from the rest of the body which is why if it moves into a state of imbalance the doctor’s don’t hesitate to take it out. How is it at this day and age we don’t know its real purpose? I believe that instead of having evolved beyond the need for it that we haven’t evolved into its true purpose. Every few days I have a little conversation with my Appendix. I say. “Thanks buddy, for all your hard work. For keeping my mind, body, and spirit, in balance…and for not giving up.”

Thank you for not being a quitter. In this day and age we are truly rich. We can have anything we want with a little vision and a lot of perseverance. Energy doesn’t run out it changes form over and over again. We already have everything we want in our hands right now, it only needs to be molded into our ever changing vision. So thank you for not giving up on yourself, friends, or family. For not giving up on the mind, body, or spirit of freedom that is within you and from which all you do is innately born. Finally, when it seems that you are stuck and things aren’t moving and it appears that you don’t have enough; please remember that there is only Love about you.

The 8 Most Important Things to Consider this Memorial Day

I think that a person finally learns about living when they accept that the illusion of death is imminent.

I feel that those who have stared death in the face can finally embrace that life is eternal.
I want for everyone who fears dying to know that it’s okay, and it’s not what it seems.

I have gratitude for all who have faced the unimaginable on my behalf, and made courage out of sand.

I can do more everyday to be a peaceful person, and create a peaceful world.

I will face the darkest part of myself on the behalf of another, and turn my fear into liquid Gold.

I thank Love for always winning.

I am

Back to School Anxiety, Yours or your Children’s?

Natural Transitions
The fall season is a time of change for all of us, but especially for students and their parents. The flurry of back to school preparations can bring a great excitement and sadness. Fall naturally is the time of reflection and introspection which seems to contradict our cultural ritual of beginning a new school year.
It all starts out with the fun part, buying new clothes and shoes, new supplies, then moves to arguing with your children about getting that new hair cut, now finding yourself beginning to think about how little Johnny got picked on last year, or that Cindy had a very difficult time getting along with her teacher which lead to poor grades and how every thing is so expensive these days… how on earth are you going to manage buying those new designer clothes that your kids are never satisfied with let alone pay the rent, mortgage or tuition that your lazy good for nothing ex hasn’t helped with in years and you are way too fat or ugly to…As you can see, your thoughts can easily get out of hand.
Surrender is Control
John Dullaghan, a documentary film maker, who has a fourteen year old in school, put into words what many parents feel,” The anxiety or worries don’t all settle in on September 1st. It’s a gradual process of recognizing the impact of the world on your child. There is a lack of control that’s scary.” Because stress comes from experience, if we haven’t experienced something we can only surmise the possible impact it may have on us or our lives. Empathy is our closest link to knowing the impact of something without actually experiencing it. Here, empathy is the cord that connects you and your child. Your child will energetically receive from you what you tell them and what you don’t. The only control you can have is to surrender to what things are. Through acceptance you can make the decisions needed to make effective changes.
Cut it off at the Pass
Transferring energy from parent to child is a given, so cutting it off at the pass through acknowledgement, definition, and personal responsibility will make the back to school process much easier. Start with knowing what is going on underneath all of the back to school momentum. Sit down with your family and make two lists. Write ten things that you enjoyed in the past year, and ten things you did not. Your lists should give you an indication of possible worries and concerns. Secondly, accept that whether or not you feel that you or your childs anxiety is rational, it can spread like a California wildfire. Defining your concerns will help you know what is real and where to start. Setting boundaries for yourself and teaching your children the same is paramount in creating the environment to nurture personal responsibility. Finally, being honest and patient with yourself and others can mitigate a lot of frustration for everyone.

Solar Eclipse June 1st, in Gemini

Hey Everyone!

Are you preparing for this incredible month of June? There are three very powerful eclipses back to back, the first being a New Moon eclipse in Gemini, on the 1st. Now is a great time to start your preparation…doing a ritual on the eclipse is a very powerful way to get on board with the rhythm of the universe and enlist its support in your own personal evolution. It is such a powerful experience that it is a great opportunity to say prayers for the good of others, like the tornado or tsunami victims. Preparation includes taking inventory on what you want and what your dominating thoughts and choices are regarding it. Writing out prayers and visualizing what it will be like to have the thing that you want and how your life will change to have it is a very good exercise. Good luck and blessings to you all! Please pass this on to your friends here on Empath Community! Please go to and click on features, astrology, and June and July for more information… it is a very important read!

What Are You Doing To Reduce Mental Waste?

Being a spiritual empath, I have the ability to truly see all sides of almost any situation. Because of this, I usually try to stay out of political conversations, but I tell you what, today I am going to take a stand. Not about any one candidate or politician, but about the mental waste that is being generated around the current political climate and administration. I am a strong supporter of finding your voice and speaking your mind and now I think it’s time to take it to the next level. Where does the power of our words go, and are they like a very fine airborne virus that travels silently until it finds a vulnerable victim? Or, are they like New York City on a garbage strike? Whether or not you believe we are all inter-connected, doesn’t make it not so. So what I would like to tell you is how I experience all of the fearful rhetoric about our politicians, political parties, and economy. Every time I see a public figure strive to inspire anger, hatred, or fear in a tv interview or public speech, I see the energy coming from them as a dark mist and floating directly to their supporters and hanging over them like a cloud that connects them all together in that shaded darkness. When I see it my heart slows and I get very tired, much like I have witnessed in a person suffering from cancer. What I do then is take a deep breath and focus on a golden light, as if the sun is shining directly on me until I feel the darkness pass. I also say a prayer for those who generate that energy, that the sun shines on them too. I know that people out there are angry, frustrated, and futile, but don’t believe it! When you believe that your situation is futile, you give your essence and power to everyone that feels that way. Disconnecting from them and that futility is your hope for generating a new energy and a new job, love, or life. I encourage you to take your power back from those you have given it to and if you have mental waste, write it down on a piece of paper and burn it. Remember, things are never as bad as they seem, and if you think so…get someone else’s opinion.

Here is another article I wrote that gives something a little more tangible. “Empathy and the Impact of the Media” is an archived link to my old website, click on home and scroll down to new articles.

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