Back to School Anxiety, Yours or your Children’s?

Natural Transitions
The fall season is a time of change for all of us, but especially for students and their parents. The flurry of back to school preparations can bring a great excitement and sadness. Fall naturally is the time of reflection and introspection which seems to contradict our cultural ritual of beginning a new school year.
It all starts out with the fun part, buying new clothes and shoes, new supplies, then moves to arguing with your children about getting that new hair cut, now finding yourself beginning to think about how little Johnny got picked on last year, or that Cindy had a very difficult time getting along with her teacher which lead to poor grades and how every thing is so expensive these days… how on earth are you going to manage buying those new designer clothes that your kids are never satisfied with let alone pay the rent, mortgage or tuition that your lazy good for nothing ex hasn’t helped with in years and you are way too fat or ugly to…As you can see, your thoughts can easily get out of hand.
Surrender is Control
John Dullaghan, a documentary film maker, who has a fourteen year old in school, put into words what many parents feel,” The anxiety or worries don’t all settle in on September 1st. It’s a gradual process of recognizing the impact of the world on your child. There is a lack of control that’s scary.” Because stress comes from experience, if we haven’t experienced something we can only surmise the possible impact it may have on us or our lives. Empathy is our closest link to knowing the impact of something without actually experiencing it. Here, empathy is the cord that connects you and your child. Your child will energetically receive from you what you tell them and what you don’t. The only control you can have is to surrender to what things are. Through acceptance you can make the decisions needed to make effective changes.
Cut it off at the Pass
Transferring energy from parent to child is a given, so cutting it off at the pass through acknowledgement, definition, and personal responsibility will make the back to school process much easier. Start with knowing what is going on underneath all of the back to school momentum. Sit down with your family and make two lists. Write ten things that you enjoyed in the past year, and ten things you did not. Your lists should give you an indication of possible worries and concerns. Secondly, accept that whether or not you feel that you or your childs anxiety is rational, it can spread like a California wildfire. Defining your concerns will help you know what is real and where to start. Setting boundaries for yourself and teaching your children the same is paramount in creating the environment to nurture personal responsibility. Finally, being honest and patient with yourself and others can mitigate a lot of frustration for everyone.

Solar Eclipse June 1st, in Gemini

Hey Everyone!

Are you preparing for this incredible month of June? There are three very powerful eclipses back to back, the first being a New Moon eclipse in Gemini, on the 1st. Now is a great time to start your preparation…doing a ritual on the eclipse is a very powerful way to get on board with the rhythm of the universe and enlist its support in your own personal evolution. It is such a powerful experience that it is a great opportunity to say prayers for the good of others, like the tornado or tsunami victims. Preparation includes taking inventory on what you want and what your dominating thoughts and choices are regarding it. Writing out prayers and visualizing what it will be like to have the thing that you want and how your life will change to have it is a very good exercise. Good luck and blessings to you all! Please pass this on to your friends here on Empath Community! Please go to http://www.itztime.com/ and click on features, astrology, and June and July for more information… it is a very important read!

What Are You Doing To Reduce Mental Waste?

Being a spiritual empath, I have the ability to truly see all sides of almost any situation. Because of this, I usually try to stay out of political conversations, but I tell you what, today I am going to take a stand. Not about any one candidate or politician, but about the mental waste that is being generated around the current political climate and administration. I am a strong supporter of finding your voice and speaking your mind and now I think it’s time to take it to the next level. Where does the power of our words go, and are they like a very fine airborne virus that travels silently until it finds a vulnerable victim? Or, are they like New York City on a garbage strike? Whether or not you believe we are all inter-connected, doesn’t make it not so. So what I would like to tell you is how I experience all of the fearful rhetoric about our politicians, political parties, and economy. Every time I see a public figure strive to inspire anger, hatred, or fear in a tv interview or public speech, I see the energy coming from them as a dark mist and floating directly to their supporters and hanging over them like a cloud that connects them all together in that shaded darkness. When I see it my heart slows and I get very tired, much like I have witnessed in a person suffering from cancer. What I do then is take a deep breath and focus on a golden light, as if the sun is shining directly on me until I feel the darkness pass. I also say a prayer for those who generate that energy, that the sun shines on them too. I know that people out there are angry, frustrated, and futile, but don’t believe it! When you believe that your situation is futile, you give your essence and power to everyone that feels that way. Disconnecting from them and that futility is your hope for generating a new energy and a new job, love, or life. I encourage you to take your power back from those you have given it to and if you have mental waste, write it down on a piece of paper and burn it. Remember, things are never as bad as they seem, and if you think so…get someone else’s opinion.

Here is another article I wrote that gives something a little more tangible. “Empathy and the Impact of the Media” http://www.itztime.com/index_itztime.html is an archived link to my old website, click on home and scroll down to new articles.

How To Not Be A Racist, 101

I look at it from the 1-3 layer perspective. There are 3 layers to us, one of real value and significance and two of ornamental value. Who we are, how we define ourselves, and how others see us. Who we are can only be recognized by embracing the collective and acknowledging the source from where all matter flows, the Divine. You know who you are when you can accept that there is no separation from the Divine. Racism, discrimination, and prejudice are how we figure out our ornamentation. The illusions that lead us back to the divine, inherently contain the belief that we are separate from it. When we believe in our race, color, creed, religion, socio-economic status, or personality we lose sight of who we truly are and focus then on the many pathways back to ourselves and the Divine. When we put all our focus on the Divine we then see ourselves as we are and as others see us. Unity is the Divine. Here are three exercise’s to help you focus on integration instead of separation.

1. Make a list of 3 things you feel define you, then ask yourself who you would be without these things.

2. Write down one thing that you discriminate against, or feel prejudice for. Be honest. Now, imagine being that thing. Write down 3 ways your life would be different.

3. Light a candle. Sit quietly and stare at the flame. Close your eyes and visualize that flame. Now visualize that flame directly in the center of your chest, feeling the warmth of the flame emanating from your body. Now imagine that this flame is the collective heart of all creation. Sit in this way for 3 minutes. When you are finished, ask yourself the importance of the 3 things you feel define you.

New Astrology?

Of course you’ve heard all the hullabaloo about the change of the Moon’s gravitational pull on the Earth changing the sign’s of the zodiac, and then the removal of a 13th sign of the zodiac in Babylonian times. Astronomy is the study of the placement of the stars in the sky and is based on facts (or our ability to discern the facts). Astrology is the study of the impact of that alignment on us, on any given day, and is based on our understanding of the facts and their meaning. In the past twenty years of my use of Astrology, I have found that Astrology is best used as a tool to better understand yourself and your life rather than for the purpose of prediction. In your natal chart, which is the placement of the stars on the day and time of your birth, the Sun sign is only one twelfth of the equation, and represents your personality and the general way in which you do things. In a traditional natal chart you have several planets and asteroids that are representative of all the aspects of you and your life. For example, Pluto, representing the unconscious, was discovered on February 18th, 1930 as a dwarf planet but on September 11, 2006 was re-classified based on new information, as an asteroid. Chiron an asteroid, was discovered on November 1st, 1977, and is now included in most traditional natal charts because of its great impact on the understanding of an individual’s spirituality. Does the demotion of Pluto to asteroid #134340 make it any less impactful, or does the acknowledgement of Chiron, as an asteroid, make its impact any less true. Any possible change in zodiac doesn’t make you a different human being but may just give you further understanding of yourself, which to me is the point. Keep in mind, that this information is being brought about now and being presented as seemingly important, so it may just be the opportunity you need to see something new in yourself or maybe acknowledge how you have grown as a person before this news story goes away. Or maybe our collective consciousness is ready to embrace what Ophiuchus, (Nov. 29-Dec. 17) represents.

Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16.
Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11.
Pisces: March 11-April 18.
Aries: April 18-May 13.
Taurus: May 13-June 21.
Gemini: June 21-July 20.
Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10.
Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16.
Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30.
Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23.
Scorpio: Nov. 23-29.
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29-Dec. 17.- My summation of Ophiuchus: the snake holder and it what it represents is a strong affinity for the transformation and transmutation of energy. For seeing the underlying elements in any situation and being able to recognize how and when healing can take place.
Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20.

Words That Influence

Make no mistake about it, your words influence. Reading and watching the news today about the aftermath of Arizona Representative Gifford’s shooting, people are asking whether or not the political climate contributed. Well, of course it did! Words are the carrier of our essence or spirit. when we speak them they travel out into the universe and stick to others that think or feel simularly. When that collected spirit hits critical mass, words and thoughts can be moved into action. On NO level am I saying that one persons actions are another persons fault. What I am saying is that we are all interconnected, and that everyday we contribute to one another in ways that we can immediately see, and in ways that will become apparent in time. Each and every one of us must take responsibility for our words and consider carefully their impact and not pretend that we, and they, are powerless.

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