Feng Shui

Spirit led me to Feng Shui when suddenly one year, this beautiful tree I had in the northeast corner of my apartment for almost 10 years, suddenly completely wilted and almost died at the beginning of the New Year. As it turned out that year the northwest was badly afflicted. After some research I discovered Flying Star Feng Shui. I gave the tree to a neighbor with a sunny corner in a better direction for that year and within two weeks my tree revived. It’s been an adventure ever since. Feng Shui is the placement of objects, furniture, and design to best
align you with your home and all of its occupants in the natural environment to live in harmony. If you’ve never done Feng Shui, the first thing I’ll do is create a chart that you can use to set up your home according to the Bagua (an ancient Chinese system), or I can set it up for you. The Flying Star system is implemented every year when the stars fly into their new position on the second new Moon of the year.