Healing and Energy Clearing for Homes and Offices

Wherever we live we can leave parts of our spirit or essence behind. Any life force left behind can be amplified by a stronger life force in a body; that would be you. Some people don’t have any awareness of this, but some people do. Of course, there are also; Discarnate’s, Ghosts, Poltergeists, Demons, and other entities or generally bad ju ju (i.e.; power or phone lines) to contend with sometimes. I can help you clear all of it. It is a great time to get a house healing when you move into a new home, to clear the present energy and realign it with your new intentions. When you leave a home you’ve lived in for a long time, to clear out all of your energy and leave a neutral palette. Lastly, when you have or think you have spiritual intrusions in your home. All of these can be performed remotely as well.