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The Anatomy of Change- 8 week downloadable course

The only constant in life is change. We all have it in common, even in the things that we perceive to be spontaneous surprises. The more experience that you have with it you begin to notice that there is a spiritual process to change. Sign’s and signal’s denoting forewarning of coming events; a pattern. Many of these signs can be acknowledged in our negative thinking. What would it mean to you if your negative thoughts were an indication of the pattern that you were participating in? That is exactly what we will be discovering in this course; how to acknowledge the spiritual process of change.

Never Be a Victim Again. Do you think it is possible to never be a victim again? Understanding this process can be the key to effortlessly navigating all of life’s transitions. Everyone, at some point in their life will have the experience of perceiving themselves as a victim. When we feel victimized the natural reaction is to victimize others by fighting our way out of the struggle. The victim/ perpetrator dynamic is in essence, what we call duality; light/ dark, good/evil, joy/sadness, or conscious/unconscious. This is a phase of spiritual development. When we are exploring it and unable to innovate our thinking out of it, we call it addiction. Addiction reverberates to the old adage; the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a new result. Add additional perspective to that equation and you are no longer going in the same direction. Although transition requires a loss of some sort it also requires receiving something brand new as well. Accepting what is being left behind and embracing what is taking its place is what can bring joy to this process. This class is designed to do just that. Help you understand, embrace, and enjoy any kind of change. Grief is a part of any life change. The more we can perceive grief as a way to help change the neurons in the brain from the old idea to the new idea, the less we will feel fear and trepidation towards the process and results of change. Always, when we are changing from one life experience to another, it is always a change for the better. That is a big statement, I know… but when you see one roach, there is a hundred you don’t. If it appears to you things are getting worse, it’s because you are only seeing a part of the picture. This class will help you see the other parts.

In this class you will explore the following:

  • How to identify the seven elements of the spiritual process of change
  • How to understand and deal with ignorance
  • How to accept and understand conflict and resistance towards change
  • What is the grief process and how to embrace it
  • Rituals to embrace and celebrate the process of change
  • How to make transition fun
  • How to understand the purpose of a negative perspective
  • How to interpret what your negative thoughts really mean


Disclaimer: Tracee Dunblazier is not a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist. All information and opinions at or through or through a session with Tracee should not be substituted for other professional or medical help.


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