Longing For Loves Past

Longing For Loves past

Every year at this time, something really amazing happens for me. Actually, it is the first feeling of Autumn; but for me it always comes sometime in July. There is one moment in one day that the world opens up for me. In that moment I can see and feel every experience from my past and all the way through my future. It is like an energetic portal that allows me to see myself and my lives in such objectivity as to feel the sentiment and the love of past friends, lovers, and experiences without the pain of those who are no longer present. This year, as I basked in that moment, I heard the voice of my Grandmother, in her infinite wisdom,” I don’t know why you’d want to think about that… THAT doesn’t bring any comfort at all.” I had to laugh at the truth.

A True Overcomer

That’s not to say that Grandma wasn’t bitter, because she was. As a young woman in the great depression she lost and overcame so much over and over but always found a way to laugh at the harshness that life served up. She had a wicked sense of humor, her desires were simple, and she did not mince words. I am truly grateful to be made of her stock. Over my life time I really didn’t have too much face time with Grandma, but she would always write letters and cards for holidays and birthdays. Telling of the current weather forecast, who she saw that week, and her arthritis pain level. Always including the obligatory $5 dollar bill she would gift each of her grandchildren. I remember the last conversation I had with Grandma. It was about a week before she died, she was almost 98 years old, and I remember it as if it were yesterday. We spoke of life and love and not to take for granted every moment the Creator gifted us … NOT. Again, Grandma was not a sentimental lady, at least from my memory. What we did talk about was dinner. Grandma said, “I don’t know why you kids like to eat at restaurants. All you need is a meat and potato, and maybe some pie.” I have wracked my brain to remember, because I am sure there was no mention of a vegetable, and when I remember I always want to add the vegetable, but she just didn’t say that.

Listen to Your Grandmother She’s always Right

Although it is human to remember as we wish it were, the portal across time, in that one moment, will not allow it. Grandma is definitely kind of right most of the time. Focusing on the past, while serving a valuable purpose in helping us to diminish our attachment and supporting our healing, often times brings no comfort. Especially when you remember it as it was and not how you wish it to be. So this time, I am going to take Grandma’s advice. I am going to take this opportunity to bring the fullness of that moment in time, to empower this very moment in my life. Bringing with it all the love, joy, wisdom, and power that it brings to manifest and embellish the task at hand. Without all those pesky memories. Thanks Grandma.