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It’s Only Twitter

It's Only Twitter

It’s Just Twitter
I’ve noticed that there is quite a bit of dissent about a campaign that a bunch of famous American musicians/ actors (at least I think they are all American) did showing their support for the 250+ girls that were stolen by a terrorist group in Nigeria. The campaign says #Real Men Don’t Buy Girls. I was startled to see folks slamming it. Really, why would you want to thwart any effort at moving the situation as it stands now? The girls haven’t been found and truly, it is because of the international outrage that the Nigerian government and other countries are joining forces to save the girls and say no to ignorance and terrorism. Which is good.
First of all, let me give you my definition of ignorance. It is not the absence of information or truth, it is the sitting aside of that information/truth to put a focus on the information that best serves the individual in their need, understanding, or agenda. It is true that a person can only see as far as their needs will allow. We are definitely living in a time where it is less a time for patriotism and more a time for humanism. One of my funny Facebook peeps had the best sentiment. Just wait till we have a galactic event, then it will be easier for people to accept the human race and our interconnectedness as human beings no matter our patriotic pursuits. That, however, is a topic for another blog.
I thought I would take this opportunity to focus on the benefit and understanding of a mass emotional sentiment on a spiritual level and its impact on us.
Mass energetic support of an idea will change the outcome.
When a bunch of people feel the same way about something it does one of two things. It either, creates support for and is in alignment with the universal truth or it is at odds with it. A lot of folks think that mass thinking is dangerous but in fact, over time, it forces the universal truth to come out and eventually helps those out of alignment with it, to assimilate the change of ideas to one that includes everyone. Why it feels so dangerous is that until the universal truth is integrated there often is great conflict. As with this conflict in Nigeria, the opposition to the terrorist’s position that they will change mass sentiment with intimidation has clearly been defined by the power of the global masses. It will put these men in conflict with themselves because there sentiment is not in alignment with universal truth. Their conflict will continue until there is a change in the balance of power which is inevitable. In other words, delusional men, and people who separate themselves from others align with the weakness of the small instead of the power of the great. They will inevitably be assimilated.
Ignoramuses are moved easily.
The interesting thing about single minded ignorant people is that they are incredibly vulnerable on energetic and spiritual levels. I think that folks may have responded to the nature of the message #Real Men Don’t Buy Girls, as being juvenile, and it is, but perfectly appropriate. These dudes took a bunch of young girls out of their ridiculous belief in the importance and power of their manhood. Our power and connection to the universe comes from the heart not the genitals. What happens when you attack their manhood is it will connect to them, whether or not they ever see twitter there are millions of people in alignment with each other questioning their manhood. Their intellect is not being questioned as they are not using it. If they were, we could question it and connect that way. Energetically or emotionally, when you directly oppose a person or groups idea of themselves it naturally puts them on the defense and in conflict with themselves. It moves them from their position of comfort and stability in their beliefs into a connection with the universal truth and if their position is not in alignment with the whole, they will be weakened. It is in that transition and new position that they are vulnerable to change. #RealMenDon’tBuyGirls #Bringbackourgirls #Bringbackourdaughters
Terrorism can be stopped when people refuse to be terrorized.
Don’t get me wrong. If you have ever been victimized in any way, then you know what a beast it is to overcome the illusion of someone’s power over you. Every moment before then… they do, in fact, have power over you…but when you recognize that you give your authority to others or you don’t, you experience the most amazing feeling of personal power and internal freedom. It is in that moment that you truly align with the power of the great and let go of the weakness of the small. Now, before you get your panties ruffled, I am purely speaking a concept that is truthful spiritually. I am not saying that if you have been victimized that it is in any way your fault. What I am saying is that you have power whether or not you know it, feel it, or believe it…all the way to superhero status. I believe it can take lifetimes of experience for a soul to learn to stand up in faith and in the face of perishable odds to learn how to truly be powerful and not separate itself from others, but it is inevitable. #evolution #love #bringbackourgirls

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