Elizabeth P.

Santa Fe / N.M

In Santa Fe, I meet a fair number of people who say they're empaths & psychic. I say this, not to pay a compliment, but to state a fact, that none of them come even close to you. Because of my experiences with others, I have not been impressed at all with the profession or practice. What YOU do is on another level, however. You've taken your insights and abilities and made an enormous effort to educate yourself. Also, it's quite obvious that it’s a life-long commitment and extremely impressive. So, THANK-YOU, Tracee.

Ana G.

Los Angeles / CA

Before I decided to see Tracee, I had been treated by two psychiatrists, a psychologist, and a psychotherapist and had no positive results. My hydro therapist had discussed with me her spiritual counselor and the positive benefits that she had experienced in just a few sessions. At first I wasn’t sure about seeing another counselor and relaying my story one more time. I did not understand the psychic /intuitive process and was pleasantly surprised when Tracee was able to pick up on pertinent details and quickly get to a resolution by guiding me through a healing process. Tracee’s knowledge of the spirit and emotions coupled with her wisdom has afforded me understanding and resolution to many issues in a few weeks. Her genuine personality and humor makes it easy to confront otherwise difficult problems. After every session I feel rejuvenated and look forward to my appointments. I thank God for putting her in my path. She has been a blessing to me.

Sherie D.

Santa Barbara / CA

Tracee is phenomenal at identifying dynamics in relationships and pinpointing core issues. I have known Tracee for about 15 years, and she always hits the nail on the head as far as identifying what's going on in any situation. She's extremely intuitive, clear & direct, as well as having a good sense of humor. I highly recommend having sessions with Tracee!

James & Tita P.

Los Angeles / CA

We have been working with Tracee for the last 5 years. Her counsel is insightful, dependable, and transformative - all delivered with compassion, humor & the kind of straight-talk one would hope for. We love Tracee so much and are so grateful for her continued guidance and support as we grow our family and lives. Tracee truly is, the gift of a lifetime :)

Faith M.

Baton Rouge / LA

A miracle worker and truly gifted, genuine, compassionate soul; I cannot begin to explain the help and healing I have experienced with her work. I would not be the person I dreamed of being without her help. She will cry with you, laugh with you, and tell you like it truly is!! In the 25 years I have worked with her, everything she has told me or helped me through has been truthful evolution for my spirit and body. Do yourself a favor, call Tracee, for anything, she can find answers and help you heal your mind, body and soul. (Plus she is a blast to work with!!)

Ben G.

San Francisco / CA

Tracee is an amazing healer who helped me overcome a long term smoking addiction. By identifying and healing a past life trauma, Tracee helped me realize that my addiction was a symptom of something bigger...that my message and life purpose had been suppressed for much of my life. Today, I understand why I am here and my lifestyle is now aligned with my higher purpose.

Tai J-B.

Chatsworth / CA

Tracee is the real deal. She brings knowledge, clarity, wisdom and strength to her healings and classes. I love that she fearlessly delves into any territory you ask her to. One thing I've noticed is that a lot of healers have the tendency to focus on themselves and their experiences - Tracee keeps the ball in your court, providing a lot of support and practically centered advice. One gets a sense that she has "walked the fire". With Tracee you can't go wrong, you are in good hands.

Al & Gracia R.

Norwalk / CA

When Tracee agreed to perform our ceremony, she fully committed herself to making sure our wedding was meaningful and in alignment with our ceremony vision. She took the time to meet with us to get to know us and to find out what we wanted our special day and our life together to be about. She then helped us integrate our shared vision and meaningful customs into the ceremony and it turned out beautifully. Tracee arrived early on the big day to make certain everything went smoothly. Everyone in attendance commented on the truly warm and intimate feel of the marriage ceremony, and many said it was the best wedding they had ever attended. We can’t thank Tracee enough for all her insight and effort on our behalf.

Stephen M.


Tracee, dreamt of you the other night. You showed up in Spain to heal my back!! I remember thinking how great it was to see you after all these years. Quite frankly, my back has been on the mend since that dream. LOL Thanks!! Whether you knew it or not, you helped!

Suzie D.

Maui / HI

Tracee's expertise in her field has literally kept me sane these last three years. I have made choices, not just IN my life, but FOR my life. Her mastery is the ability to tell me my hidden story in a way that doesn't just make sense to me, but makes the choices I need to make obvious to me. She gracefully weaves and integrates her skills to match your needs for that moment. Her sense of humor will bring the laughter and love back into your life... where it should be.

John G.

Baton Rouge / LA

Tracee, The pleasure was ours. Since experiencing your services, the best description is BREAKTHROUGH. THE S___T IS CUT! Thank you beyond words, Tracee. Tracee's approach to helping solve issues is to the point and without extra fluff. She is very helpful by listening to details and addressing problematic motives that may be hidden from view. Tracee exhibits a sound understanding of cosmic function and how it naturally integrates human affairs. Most importantly, she allows you the choice of reading tools to help you clearly see your goal. She has been extremely valuable to both me and my spouse in helping us to resolve our personal challenges. Highly Recommended.

Richard C.

Los Angeles / CA

A friend of mine recommended Tracee as she had helped my friend through a great transformation. I had witnessed my friend’s transformation first hand and decided to give her a try. She is GREAT! I came and had a session with her and in the first session so many profound things came up in session, things I have wanted to deal with for a long time. After a few sessions, I have found myself working through some very deep and life altering issues and have found myself in a much more empowered place of being. I am very thankful to Tracee for her gifts and time and would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

Kristine A.

Los Angeles / CA

I took the altar building class because I wanted to make using altars a more consistent part of my spiritual practice. Tracee's class was easy to understand and very informative. From taking Tracee's class I learned that building an altar doesn't have to be hard or massively expensive, you can utilize things you own and it can be done in the space you already have. The first Altar I built while taking Tracee's class was one for a new business venture that I was hoping to start. Immediately after building the altar (the very next day) I spoke to a person who was able to point me in the direction towards my goal. For me, the best part of the class is that now I build altars all of the time. It is now a part of my daily life and I love it. I feel more grounded and more connected.

Samina S.D.

Albuquerque / N.M.

Tracee is superlative in her field. She teaches what she reads and gleans from one's energy, in a caring and compassionate manner. Her level of insight into one's personality and the manner she explains it, is an empowering experience. Working with Tracee over these years has provided me the vision for growth, both personally and professionally.

Terry C.

/ Abq. NM

Tracee is deeply empathic and has provided many insights to me for both business and family relationships. I have known Tracee for over twenty years and consider her gifts to be tremendously helpful.

Talya M.

Mar Vista / CA

Tracee did a remarkable job bringing awareness and good health into my life. I was perplexed about why things were going the way that they were in my life, and in just one session, she was able to address my specific challenges and so much more. Tracee saw, heard and felt things that I could not see. Tracee's work is absolutely extraordinary - ON ALL LEVELS!!!! I referred a friend that had debilitating night terrors. She almost choked her dog one night, and was sleep walking all around the house several times a week. In two sessions, Tracee's insights and clearing work, literally made 13 years of night terrors disappear. These results are unexplainable, but 100% true.

Ana B.


Life is not easy...especially when one is connected to something bigger than this earth...when one feels deeper feelings and sees higher visions than most people do or at least care to admit. When the tough got going...I went to Tracee. I felt like I had nowhere else to go and working with her always leaves me feeling that all is exactly as it is meant to be AND at the same time, I have done some major work, internal work, work that only involved me, my heart and my soul. By doing the work with Tracee, it shifted my external world and all that it contained. I can now say that I am in a better and more balanced place in my life and I owe alot of it to Tracee and her healing and guidance. I like to see Tracee on a regular basis because seeing her helps me to see more of me. Thank you Tracee for all you do ... you are a blessing on this earth!

Ryan D.

Los Angeles / CA

I have known Tracee for five years now, and she has helped me through various situations in my life. She possesses a great deal of patience and understanding every time we work together. As a result of my sessions with Tracee, I have learned to become more vocal with my feelings, and ultimately, more honest in my relationships with others. Thank you, Tracee!

Irene T.

Ventura / CA

I left our session with a feeling of peace and serenity and today I feel light and energetic. It was a nice reprieve from all the work I've been doing. Although I know I have a rough rocky road ahead of me still, I am peaceful in knowing that I am doing the right thing for myself by taking care of my spiritual needs.

Naomi N.

Santa Monica / CA

What distinguishes our sessions is your ability to address many confronting issues in a format which is accessible and de-personalized. Now, on the other side of the process, I appreciate that our sessions have contributed to my ability to be effective with limited adverse impact on my emotional or physical well-being.

Stacy S.

Redondo Beach / CA

After our session, I slept soundly through the night for the first time in a while and when I awoke this morning…I felt really great for the first time in a long time…and positive.

Kim T.

Pasadena / CA

Tracee's style is a wonderful mix of positive encouragement, insightful analysis and good humor. She has a rare ability to make the esoteric concrete and practical, fun, and real. It is a profound and joyful experience to work with her!